Magnetics - Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Rolls, & Magnetic Sheets

It’s quite remarkable how many innovative ways magnetic materials can be adapted for such a wide range of applications – more than ever before. That places greater demands on you and your magnetics supplier.

Through our experience working with magnetics for over 40 years, we have developed close and long-standing relationships with a number of magnetic material manufacturers. We’ve also developed a very strong reputation as the go-to magnetics supplier because of our depth of knowledge and expertise.

This gives us confidence in being able to continually introduce new products and capabilities in this category. We understand what’s needed on the manufacturing end to enable you to use a product that meets your exact specifications.


years of experience working with magnetics

The real breakthrough in magnetics was the introduction of large-scale flexible magnetic materials. We’ve been instrumental in bringing this capability to the market, now offering the largest selection of magnetic rolls, strips and other magnetic receptive media on the market today.

When market demands changed from small- to large-format printing, we introduced wider magnetic rolls to accommodate this change. Today we stock super-wide magnetic rolls for the largest format presses.

We also convert rolls to sheets to accommodate these large-format presses and to add to the efficiency of your production process.

And since we constantly have a well-stocked inventory of magnetics, you’re ensured that you’ll receive your order fast – right when it’s needed.

That’s not all you can count on with our magnetics – our printable magnetic product line ensures consistent printability and profiling. And like other Plastic+Paper products, we specify non-toxic materials that are safe to handle.


  • RubberSteel®
  • Tuff-Mag® Magnetic Tape
  • Tuff-Mag® Magnetic Rolls, with Digimag Vinyl
  • Tuff-Mag® Magnetic Cut Sheets