Our Capabilities.

A distributor operates a warehouse. Product comes in, is stored, retrieved and shipped. Nothing changes with the product but the quantity. Then there are web-based virtual paper warehouses that simply direct you to other people's warehouse stock.

As the largest full-service plastic and paper supplier in Canada, we start with a vast array of carefully selected plastic, paper, paperboard and magnetic materials, based on their combination of value and performance. We then use our industry-largest cutting and sheeting equipment to customize your substrate for your immediate use in its designated application – just-in-time.

Our Equipment

With a large-format smooth-cutting computerized panel saw; large-format computerized guillotine for clean, smooth edges; and large-format computerized sheeting and slitting capabilities, we handle all your product customization in-house.

Our 98”x 110” computerized guillotine is shown here, achieving a clean, smooth edge.

Having these capabilities in-house saves you both time and money. Best of all, our service comes with decades of experience in the business – and a history that extends back more than 100 years. That's your assurance that you'll source the right product for the job – prepared just the way you need it. That's the Plastic+Paper difference. Because we know how much each job matters to you. It matters just as much to us.


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