Welcome to the new exclusive home of Alupanel.

What’s kept us at the forefront of the substrates industry for more than 100+ years? It’s really pretty simple.

Here’s the Plastic+Paper formula: premium quality products, extraordinary range of substrates for all applications, unmatched expertise, custom sizing for virtually unlimited choice, backed by exceptional service.

Plastic+Paper: home of the substrate professionals.

The one and only

The most stocked aluminum composite panel in the world.

It’s the gold standard – or should we say aluminum – of aluminum composite panel (ACP).

Recognized around the globe as the trusted name in ACP.

The aluminum panel with the structural rigidity needed to stand up to years of wear and tear.

The aluminum panel is available at Plastic+Paper in a wide range of stock colours and finishes, as well as custom colours that take the range into unlimited.

Plastic+Paper, Alupanel and you.It’s Win-win-win.

As the exclusive Ontario distributor of Alupanel only Plastic+Paper has direct access to a dedicated inventory of Alupanel. At the same time, Alupanel gains a partner that’s already established as the largest substrate supplier in Canada. And you gain from the widest possible selection of Alupanel products and customer-friendly prices. Win-win-win.

Why Alupanel?
Why Aluminum?

Aluminum Composite Panel has transformed the worlds of signage and display. Why? Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is strong, durable, rigid, fire and stain resistant, available in an enormous range of colours and finishes – and is easy to work with and to install.

Choose the best substrate. Choose the best supplier.