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Alupanel has the structural rigidity needed to stand up to years of wear and tear.

Alupanel is available at Plastic+Paper in a wide range of stock colours and fi nishes, as well as custom colours that will make the possibilities unlimited.

The one and only

What does the most stocked Aluminum Composite Panel in the world mean for you? It means it is the most readily available aluminum composite product in Canada. This gives you a competitive advantage – yet another benefit.

The one and only Plastic+Paper.

Alupanel and Plastic+Paper both share a belief in the value of a premium quality product. As Canada’s leader in combined distribution of paper, paperboard, plastic and magnetic substrates, Plastic+Paper has the industry expertise, customization capabilities, service and distribution footprint needed to not only meet but exceed your highest expectations.

Why Alupanel? Why aluminum?

Aluminum Composite Panel has transformed the world of signage and display materials. Why? Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) are strong, durable, rigid, fire and stain resistant, available in an enormous range of colours and finishes – and is easy to work with and install.

Alupanel has established itself as the first name in Aluminum Composite Panel. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Alupanel has established a reputation for its product integrity – with an advanced design that maximizes rigidity while minimizing thickness – for the best of both worlds.

Alupanel sign & display applications

  • Sign Making
  • Wayfinding
  • 3D Lettering
  • Standoff Lettering
  • Lightweight Hanging Signs
  • POS Displays
  • Vinyl Application
  • Modular Sign Systems
  • Road Signs
  • Outdoor Advertising

Alupanel sign & display fabrications

  • Sawing & Cutting
  • Routing
  • Drilling
  • Riveting
  • Bending (3 Roller Panel Folder)
  • Folding
  • Hot Air Welding
  • Clamping & Bolting
  • Shearing
  • Spray Painting & coating
  • Punching

Alupanel product range



Available in a wide range of colours and fi nishes, Alupanel is a double-sided sheet with the ability to be fabricated, folded and formed.

Alupanel A-Lite

The fl at, smooth, digital surface with vastly improved ink adhesion helps to display printed colours with increased brightness and intensity.


Multishield’s strong and rigid galvanised steel sheets offer both digital and whiteboard coating options and the added benefi t of being receptive to magnetic media.

Alupanel Lite

An economical, double-sided, reduced weight sheet designed for fl at applications where a high load-bearing capacity is not required.

Alupanel-Eco Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) are a highly effi cient, economic solution for all flat applications.

Alupanel XT architectural panel is easily fabricated and available with a PE or Fire Resistant core.

Alupanel customers –

Welcome to Plastic+Paper.

It all came together. Take Canada’s leader in plastic and paper substrates. Join them with the world leader in Aluminum Composite Panel – Alupanel.

You could say the rest is history. With 100+ years of proven expertise in substrates, Plastic+Paper is poised to take its distinguished history to the next level, thanks to an exclusive relationship with Alupanel.

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