Our Story.

For any company, reaching its 100th year is a significant milestone. For us at Plastic+Paper, it represents much more than a strong statement of our ability to adapt in a rapidly-changing business.

It also tells you that Plastic+Paper’s success is built on the value it brings to its long-term relationships. We don’t see ourselves or act as just another “supplier”. We view ourselves as a vital cog in your supply chain, just as we already are for many printers and exhibit display manufacturers and fabricators throughout Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

Our business has changed from our humble beginnings as Paper Sales Limited in 1917 at the foot of Yonge Street in Toronto. Back then our business revolved around the distribution of specialty products like gold and silver paper and chocolate layer boards.

Success allowed us to expand to Montreal in 1921. Ever since that date nearly 100 years ago, Quebec has continued to be an integral part of our overall vision for our business.


years in business

Over the years, we grew to become Canada's leading supplier of paper and plastics. Our product portfolio expanded dramatically, first adding our own manufacturing in 1961, then plastics in 1971. That led to a new name: Plastic & Paper Sales.

After being acquired by the world’s leading paper company, International Paper, Plastic & Paper Sales was reborn as a Canadian-owned company in in 1995, with a small management group headed by Frank Catalfo.
Since then, the company’s manufacturing capabilities have increased with equipment like our new MEGA sheeter – the biggest, fastest and most versatile in Canada, sheeters, a computerized saw and a 110” computerized guillotine.
This equipment enables us to customize our products to meet our customers’ needs within hours. No other single company in our industry can match that capability – under one roof.
And today, we are better positioned than ever before to be at the forefront of technology, while preserving the highest standards of service.

The Plastic+Paper story – even after 100 years, we never stand still.